Equestrian art and pet portraits was something I ended up unexpectedly participating in through requests but I am very glad that I did as it has been an exciting journey ever since. I was commissioned to paint famed jocky Frankie Detorri upon his horse amongst other things. I have also been commissioned many times to capture family pets. It can be even more challenging than getting children to stay still so over the years I have developed the essential skill of working with pictures of animals.

Whether an award winning horse, a small family dog or a beloved recently passed family pet I am always at ease with the project. Just like humans, the essence of the animal is captured in the eyes so imagery can be collected by myself or using images you already have. Because these commissions are largely completed through photographs the more I can work from the better.

If you would like to discuss a project involving either equestrian art or a portrait of a family pet then do feel free to get in touch using the details below.

T – 01473 741336

E – anthea@adurose.plus.com