Posthumous & Ancestral Portraits Suffolk

Ancestral portraits and posthumous art commissions are a great way to immortalise the memory of a friend or relative of a past generation. I have in the past worked with pictures and videos in order to create an artistic rendition of the subject. I originally took on a commission for a friend, a project I very nearly declined but when she passed me some fantastic images of her mother I took it on. I was overjoyed when the portrait was well received and I decided that this was a type of portrait that I would look to do in the future.

ancestral posthumous portrait ipswich suffolk
ancestral posthumous portrait ipswich suffolk

The project depends on good photographs that capture the eyes. This is very important when creating any portrait. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul so it’s very much make or break. If you’re looking for such a commission then do make sure to source as many images of the subject as possible.

These portraits do involve the same initial meeting as a normal portrait but there are added layers to the discussion. As mentioned already, as much photography and video as possible really helps. Also, thought to the setting you would like the subject to be rendered within. Because there is a good level of artistic license required, anything that you feel relevant or will aid me in composing the portrait will be welcomed. Small considerations like colours if working from sepia toned images are key pieces of information in creation of this type of commission.

If you would like to discuss an ancestral or posthumous portrait then do feel free to get in touch using the details below.

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