Ipswich Art Classes

Learn to paint with Local Suffolk Artist, Anthea Durose

Ipswich Art Classes
Ipswich Art Classes
Ipswich Art Classes

Ipswich Art classes are delivered weekly at my studio near Ipswich. I have students who come from all over East Anglia to join me every Tuesday. I aim to pass on to them the knowledge and experience I have gained through many years as a professional artist.

As a well known East Anglian artist, I have received many accolades for my work. I have worked with oils, water colours and pastels extensively over my career and painted landscapes, flowers, portraits and posthumous portraits. A number of my paintings were purchased by the Ipswich Museum & Gallery and by private collections as far a field as USA and Canada.

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Water Colour Classes

Watercolour art is painting  by mixing pigments with a binder which is often gum, and then applying it along with water to paper. The water then evaporates and the binder fixes the pigment to the paper.

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Oil Painting Classes

Oil painting is a medium which consists of pigments  suspended in oil. Opaque, and transparent effects are achievable within it’s range and it is unsurpassed for textural variations.

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Pastels Colours

Pastel is a medium that straddles the line between painting and drawing. Finished pastel pieces can look just as vibrant and luminescent as an oil or a water colour, yet the process of creating them is more akin to drawing.

Art Lessons For All

The classes consist of beginners and more advanced students. I always encourage the students if they wish, to experiment with different mediums because this helps them to discover which medium suits them best. They may also enjoy alternating to work in the various mediums as and when they have mastered the basic techniques of each.

The classes themselves are friendly and informal with times of arrival and departure very flexible since each student works on a different subject and is given individual tuition within the group. This enables me to cater to the particular needs of each at whatever stage of development has been reached.

Therapeutic Art

Many of the students reach a very high standard in their work . They all enjoy the challenge and in many cases they find the class with its friendly atmosphere very therapeutic. My main aim is that they should all find pleasure in whatever they are rendering, as well as progressing and improving their artistic skills.

art classes ipswich suffolk
art classes ipswich
art classes ipswich suffolk uk

Classes are from 10:00 to 3:00 every Tuesday. If you’re interested in learning from a local artist then do get in touch and I will post you through some info on the classes.

T – 01473 741336

E – anthea@adurose.plus.com