Childhood is a magical time for children and adults alike. Committing that state of growth to a portrait serves as a brilliant reminder of that simple time in our lives that we all cherish. My first portrait was a child and child portraits were actually my first passion. As a studying artist I stuck almost exclusively to rendering the faces of children. It remains one of my most satisfying types of portrait to create. I also often receive communications from clients who draw joy from the children’s portraits I have created.

painted portraits ipswich children
painted portraits ipswich children

While it remains a challenging commission due the limited concentration of children, it’s very rewarding. Keeping children stationary is challenging but I often gain a good understanding of the child through the process which helps me render them accurately. Involving the child in the process and challenging them to pick colours that they feel do them justice (but sometimes aren’t used) makes the portrait and experience personal them also. A portrait that was born out of an enjoyable experience gives the portrait a history and makes them far more receptive to sitting still. Let’s face it, we all remember being 8 years old and 8 minutes seeming like an entire day!

If you would like to discuss a commission of a childs portrait then do get in touch. All children are welcome, even those with limited concentration who you feel may never sit still. Simply drop me a line or call me using the details below and we can have a chat.

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