Daily Life (Genre) Paintings

Daily life paintings or figurative art are commissions that look to depicted a subject or an event in its natural daily movements. Sometimes a sit down portrait isn’t suited to the subject and they are better rendered in their daily environment. This isn’t always the case but if you would like to create a painting that captures their trade, hobbies or an activity synonymous to them then this is a good option.

The planning stage here is key. Examples of similar depictions are a great help and info or images relating to the setting and activity they are to be placed in allow me to create a mental image of what’s required. Also, it’s important to give thought to the logistics of creating the setting to be depicted. While I am able to work with photographs and stock images to place the subject into as a backdrop, it’s also important that we are able to use as much real subject as possible.

There are logistical challenges that exist within this type of commission but this is a type of art that’s very close to my heart and I have done a great deal of these through my career. Artistic license plays a large part so as much info relating to the commission is gratefully received.

Please do feel free to drop me a line or call up to discuss an exciting daily life project. Details are listed below.

T – 01473 741336

E – anthea@adurose.plus.com