Landscape Paintings

Landscape painting also know as landscape art is the rendering of a residence or natural scenery to immortalise a setting that you may hold dear. Memories of a place or time provide a brief enclave of nostalgia that can be comforting to walk by. Whether you’re moving residence, leaving a job or looking for a unique gift for someone that involves a location a landscape painting can be perfect.

Painting landscapes is a joy for me as it often allows me time to work in a picturesque location. Is there any better place to ply your trade than an idilic scene that someone appreciates for its scenery?

While some locations aren’t always suitable, most are and I am quite adaptable when it comes to work environments. Weather is often a factor if it’s outdoors as most of them are and capturing what is the sceneries best qualities by your reckoning it essential. I am able to give an initial feedback based up on photos sent to me so do feel free to drop me an email with imagery and locations. While working with children can be as challenging as it is rewarding, scenery doesn’t have the same lapses in concentration so always welcome.

Do feel free to call or email and I shall endeavour to get back to you quickly on this. Contact details are listed below.

T – 01473 741336

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