Paintings of Ancestral Portraits

(Single or Family Groups)

ancestral posthumous portrait ipswich suffolk

An example of a recent posthumous portrait.

Ancestral portraits are of course also posthumous since the subject or subjects belong to past generations. These can be fascinating as the subjects are usually depicted wearing the costume of the period of history in which they lived. Below are some examples of old photos giving an idea of the quality needed in order to make a good painting. The eyes of the persons in a group photo will not normally be as detailed as would be necessary if the portrait is to be a close up of a single person. When the whole figure is included in the painting the head size will necessarily be much smaller than for a single head and shoulders.

ancestral portraits ipswich suffolk
ancestral portraits ipswich suffolk

If precious photos are on loan to me for the duration of the commission then they will be returned with the finished painting in the condition in which they came to me.