Posthumous Portraits Ipswich Suffolk

Posthumous portrait commissions (including those of a beloved pet) are a great way to immortalise the memory of a friend, relative or pet.

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I have often worked with photos or from digital images in order to produce a lifelike painting of the subject. Originally I took on a commission for a friend who wanted a portrait of her late mother. I was delighted when on completion it was well received. I decided that this is an aspect of portraiture that I would enjoy doing in the future.

The photo images must be of sufficiently good quality for me to work. They may be in black and white or sepia but this need not be a problem. If the subject is a close up single portrait it is very important to have a photo which shows the eyes as clearly as possible.

If you’re looking for a posthumous portrait, then as many photos as possible as well as the chief one you may wish me to work from would be helpful. All photos supplied will be returned in the condition they were loaned to me upon completion of the of the painting.

An initial meeting to discuss the commission (for example, the portrait setting or background) is a good idea, provided you live within a reasonable distance from my studio. This can also be done through correspondence through the post.

If you would like to discuss a posthumous portrait then please get in touch, preferably by phone (01473) 741336 or email me your phone number and I will ring you. My email is